The Causes of Headaches?

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  1. I hear you on the frozen regulators. Discovered that on our winter camp trip a week ago. Thankfully back up food was packed and made it.

  2. I'm glad there's good guys like you out roaming around in the woods at night so if y'all see something y'all can tell me first I'm sitting good on my 10 acres I got all my supplies I do little camping and stuff when I was younger I just went to Minnesota and back, Arkansas last year.. I have to drag my friends alone y'all got it easy all your friends have money. Im a ford guy. 7.3 turbo diesel 2001 F250 lockers on the front.

  3. airing down for snow? hmmm…but bigger footprint slips more on snow and ice, no? eg longer snow skis or snowboard for faster speed.
    maybe in DEEP snow u want low psi and higher psi on thin snow and ice?

  4. omggg this looks so fun, buying my 1st truck this month… can't wait to get out and just explore places 🤘🏻😊

  5. Bfg km2 work awesome for me in snow. Oh and a good winch. Lol. Looks like nice trip guys. Wish I still had places to do this

  6. When You go camping with friends just not camp enjoy and have unlimited fun .
    I loved it
    Love from INDIA

  7. You know, in this day and age of anti male femanut gynocentrism its good to see a group of young guys having fun together and bonding as men. God bless you brothers


  8. I love each and every one of you guys!! What a great weekend you had. Keep it up and keep filming please 🙂

  9. My husband and I just reached the Yukon Territory a week ago.. It is currently 7 degrees Celsius (about 46 fahrenheit) .. We travelled from Vancouver and started in a convoy 5 trucks strong.. We had a few mechanical casualties along the way and reached our destination with a 2 truck convoy lol.. We are actually doing research and had the option to fly, but having a few months I wanted to make it an expedition.. I just didn't expect have to end up hauling soooo much equipment, supplies and fuel, as well as a trailer also over crammed, because we lost our haulers lol


  11. I was going back and forth between the taco or the wrangler. Just felt the taco looked cooler and more functional. Can’t wait to do my first camping in my new TRD 4×4 Offroad.

  12. I just found your channel with this video. You guys definitely know how to have a great time. I haven't smiled or laughed so much in quite a while. Please keep this same tone to your channel and don't start pushing sponsors.

  13. My kids asked, why are they laughing while singing the national anthem? Well, I will ask them… and absolutely they had fun in their get away though.

  14. Did I see that right? A mid rack but also a tonneau cover on bed?? Is that right? Can that be done? And if so where and how much ? I want that .

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