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First official case of African swine fever reported in South Korea

First official case of African swine fever reported in South Korea

so we start today with South Korea’s
first confirmed case of African swine fever now we first got word of this just
a few hours ago and it’s making waves here in South Korea as you would expect
we have our Kim Jae Hee on the line to give us the details so GA this is a big
deal because the authorities here had been really moving heaven and earth to
try and prevent this from happening but to no avail
yes mark he said in your headlines there have been months of current in efforts
to attempt to stop an outbreak of the highly contagious animal disease the
first case of African swine fever was detected at around 6 p.m. Monday at a
pig farm in Paju northwest of Seoul near the inter-korean border this comes just
four months after the first case was reported in the north at a press
briefing an hour ago by South Korea’s Agriculture Ministry a couple of hours
after the first reports started coming in it was announced that a 48-hour
lockdown has been imposed on all pig farms across the nation the measure aims
to prevent any animal workers or farm equipment being moved to other firms or
facilities potentially spreading the disease the ministry added those already
enroute to other places must find a temporary place to sit out there out the
duration of the lockdown period the ministry also said authorities are
undertaking a thorough inspection in a bid to discover the cause of the
outbreak but didn’t mention whether any pigs have been called or affected firm
yet reports say five pigs were found dead at the Paju farm from what was
determined to be a high fever in around an hour from now South Korean Prime
Minister ena general also hold an emergency meeting to discuss ways to try
and find contain the disease since North Korea revealed its own case of African
swine fever in late May the South Korean government designated ten areas near the
border as special management zones and launched current team measures as part
of efforts to prevent the virus entering the South African swine fever is a
disease highly fatal to pigs with a near 100 percent mortality rate it’s highly
contagious in pigs and no vaccine currently exists but it’s important to
stress that the disease is harmless to humans however what happens next – and the
damage just this could cause South Korea’s agriculture and livestock
industries remains to be seen I’ll have more updates in our later
newscast mark okay thanks very much for that report hopefully the authorities
can get a handle in this situation before it gets any worse but definitely
a story we’ll be following for the coming days and weeks I’m sure

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