The Causes of Headaches?

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  1. How many of these VIRAL TikTok life hacks have you tested?? Comment below! ✅ Check out our NEW APPAREL: Activewear, Loungewear, Denim Joggers, & a Dress HERE 💋's – Bailey

  2. Hi I am on the road today and I’ll call tomorrow if you have time I need you and I can come over and pick you guys

  3. 5 years ago when I was in AP US History my teacher showed us a video of how chicken nuggets were made and I haven't been able to eat them or any other processed meat sense 🤢

  4. You guys should do a tiktok challenge were both of you try tiktok hacks each. For the first time. Whoever's hacks work more will win. 🥇

  5. the first one worked for me but it doesn’t work unless you shake the bottle and it won’t work if the bottom is dented at all!

  6. Anyone else curious of what the second necklace Brooklyn is wearing in this vid. Cuz I thought she only wore the one necklace 🤔 Jc

  7. McDonalds makes me sick every time I eat there. I got so bad that I had to stop going there even though I love their fries.
    Wendy's is so much better though! Better deals and better food. My husband also works there so that's a plus!

  8. literally why didnt they pop the bag and then take one of the leftover kernels hahaha instead of wasting the whole bag?? love them tho

  9. The bottle flip actuall works……no one does that with this height. You just have to know the basics. You guys were just throwing the bottle

  10. omg the person who posted that tik tok chicken nugget thing goes to my school!!! me and chandler tamor are friends!!! please respond!

  11. ok the first one of the water bottle flip actually works tho, bc i am SOO bad at bottle flipping and if you put a lot of salt and mix it it actually works tho

  12. Hi! Any Brooklyn and Bailey fans in (central) Massachusetts looking for friends?! I just moved back to MA and have no friends. Sorry if this is weird. Brooklyn and Bailey are a few of my favorite Youtubers so I figured other fans of theirs would make great pals. 🙂

  13. No hate but I hate when people are like I wonder if popcorn will pop in a flat iron and I’m like popcorn heat duh

  14. You did the apple the wrong way you are not supposed to put the box and you were just supposed to put the end of cored

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